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Launch of the who costing and budgeting tool for national Action Plan & antimicrobial Resistance Lezioni apprese dall'Africa


Mr Anand Balachandran Unit Head – AMR National Action Plan and M&E (NPM) Unit, WHO HQ; and
Mrs Anna Maruta WHO country office in Sierra Leone (on behalf of WHO Regional Office for Africa)

• Introducing the WHO Costing and Budgeting Tool for National Action Plans on Antimicrobial Resistance
Dr Alessandro Patriarchi National Action Plan (NAP) team, WHO HQ

Sierra Leone’s experiences with using the tool and lessons learned
Dr Joseph Sam Kanu Deputy Manager of the National Disease Surveillance Programme in the Ministry of Health and Sanitation and AMR Focal Point, Sierra Leone

A moderated Q&A will follow the presentations by the speakers: Dr Sarah Paulin, National Action Plan (NAP) team, WHO HQ


13 Ottobre 2021
Fino al 13 Ottobre 2021
Incontro formativo dell'Oms
Alle ore 11 am in Zurigo
Online tramite piattaforma zoom
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